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Part of the purpose of our website is to be able to provide knowledge and information to whoever wants to access it.shutterstock_815127.jpg

There are numerous websites that already provide everything you ever wanted to know. We do not have the resources to replicate them. However, we are able to embed access to their websites from within our own pages.

As we find good sites that should be included, we will update our website with access to them. If you know of a website that would fit with what we are trying to offer, let us know. Also, if you know of articles or papers that should be included, let us know.

Our own knowledge has come from years of servicing the Rural Market and the skills and knowledge imparted into us from the extensive training given us by the National Bank.

From our perspective, Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was one of the more valuable courses we attended.

Jim Collins book Good to Great has also taught us a significant amount.

Since leaving the Bank, we have used Coach Approach as our own coach, and have learnt an enormous amount from them.

We are still learning and evolving and hope that will continue.

This page is about us sharing some of the resources that are available.

Each of the "boxes" below contain a link to an article. Click on the green underlined heading to access the article.

Looking Back To See The Way Forward

With the current profitability squeeze that exists in both the Red Meat and Dairy sectors, I have written the attached paper, in which I look back over my last 40 years of working in Agribusiness. Nearly all farming businesses will be experiencing a profitability squeeze. Some will be into significant deficit territory, others, not so bad, but well down on previous years.

One observation I have made over 40 years, is, it is never as good as it seems and never as bad as it seems. So, how bad is it and what do you do about it? The first step is to find out. Once you know the answer to that, you can start to plan a response.

The paper discusses how to complete the first step. In a follow up paper, I will discuss what your planned response should include, and just as importantly what it shouldn’t include.

Banking - A New Norm

Back to the Future or Forward to the Past

An article written in response to the appartant change in attitude of banks to rural banking. Why has this change come about, and what will be the impact of this change to Farming Business and Banks?


This paper discusses the difficulty of family succession and explores the Four Pillars of Family Succession in farming businesses.

Those pillars are:

  • Build a strong business first
  • Communication
  • Fair comes before equal
  • Understand the difference between ownership and control

Governance_In_Husband and Wife Styled Farming_Businesses

This is a link to a paper written by Peter Flannery on governance in husband and wife type farming businesses.

It discusses why governance has become so important, what governance means and what level of governance is appropriate.

It is written in a style that is easy to read and understand and is applicable to businesses that are typically operated by husband and wife partnerships.

Governance in More Complex Farming Businesses


This paper is written as a follow on from Governance in Husband and Wife Style businesses. I looks at what is involved in governing a more complex business, for example an Equity Partnership, and it looks at the relationship between Governnace and Mangement.

Farming with choices

This is a link to a paper Peter Flannery wrote in March 2011, following a Fonterra announcement of a strong lift in the advised payout. The timing has passed, but the message contained within is still relevent for all farming types.

The Hedgehog Concept

This is taken from the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. It discusses the interaction and understanding of three key componants to help move your Business from Good to Great.

Time Management Matrix

Stephen Covey's work. This discusses the difference between Importance and Urgency, and the value of focusing on the important.

Family succession

This is sourced from the National Bank's AgriFocus (August 2012), a regular Bank publication. It contains an excellent  discusion on family succession.

Equity Partnerships The Keys To Success

This paper discusses the 5 key elements of successful Equity Partnerships.

The five key componants are:

  • People
  • People
  • People
  • Governance
  • Management

Anyone who is either involved in an Equity Partnership, or considering entering into an Equity Partnership should read this paper.

Be Proactive

This is a brief summary of Habit 1 from Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

Level Five Leadership

Taken from Jim Collins book Good to Great. It discusses the attributes of "level 5 leaders".

See Do Get

Taken from Stephen Covey's work. See Do Get is a mechanism for change.

Understanding your financial results

Written by Peter Flannery, and helps to explain how to analyse and understand your financial results.

Circle of Influence vs Circle of Concern

Taken from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

We tend to concern ourselves with things that impact on us over which we have no control - Our Circle of Concern. Worrying and focusing on the Circle of Concern is a waste of time and energy. Instead focus on the influence the impact will have on your business - The Circle of Influence.

An Example of a Business Plan

This is an example of a business plan.


If you need help with your BUSINESS PLANNING, FAMILY SUCCESSION PLANNING, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT or an EQUITY PARTNERSHIP, we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 027 615 4500, or go to our contact us page