Business Planning:- Vision

Step 3


Clarity and Agreement of Vision


A continuing theme throughout this process is gaining clarity. Clarity of vision is essential. It may sound basic, but if you are travelling and you don't know where you are going, you are only going to reach your destination by luck.

Also you may know where you are going, but does everyone else within your business know where you are going? Are you going to the same place? Do husband and wife, or father/mother and son/daughter actually agree on what the vision is?

Because if you don't you will not get there, and you will also end up in conflict.

Haka_Station.jpgGaining clarity and agreement of vision is a major part of Discovery. Our skill is in asking all the right questions, and ensuring everyone has an opportunity to answer.

It is not uncommon for a husband or wife to say "I didn't know that. How long have you been thinking like that"? So once again, it is about stopping what you are doing, sitting down and talking about it.

Remember that most established rural businesses have multimillion dollar levels of capital invested and many have over $1.0m of turnover. And yet clarity and agreement of vision is often assumed.

Having completed a session on vision, the final question we ask is:

If you had a blank piece of paper and you could design your vision of the ideal business, what would it look like?

If we have done our job right and asked the right questions prior to this, then this question is answered in complete fullness.