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Ever since leaving school I’ve strived to put my name on my very own farm. After finally achieving this long term plan I found myself floundering with what next?

Peter Flannery and Farm Plan have been invaluable and instrumental in helping me come up with a new direction and the right answers that allow me to move forward while enhancing my enjoyment of my business, farm and family.

Theo and Karen Geerlings. Having worked his way through the dairy industry from wages through to 50/50, Theo and his wife Karen were able to buy their first dairy farm at Dacre in Central Southland. Theo and Karen own 299 ha in total which they run as a very successful fully self contained, low cost dairy operation.

Around 18 months ago we decided we would like to do some intensive planning and goal setting for our business. We felt we needed some outside assistance to help us to focus and consider new ideas and scenarios. We called on the services of Peter from Farm Plan.

The process we have gone through was extremely valuable and Peter gave us different ways to look at things and strategies to maximise our farm income and look at our personal goals as well. More recently we have worked on strengthening our administration systems and Peter’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable. 

We continue to work with Peter and have found that Peter’s professionalism, extensive knowledge and informal style make him a pleasure to work with.


Gray and Robyn Pannett

Gray and Robyn run 12,000 su at Millers Flat, including the Limehills Hereford Stud. In 2011 they won the NZ Hereford Herd of Excellence award.

We have used Farm Plan to help us get clarity about what we are trying to achieve and why. Peter has a very good understanding of our business, our vision and goals.

Our business has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, and Peter has kept us focussed with the discipline of regularly sitting down and talking about our business in a structured way. This has enabled us to put plans in place which has allowed us to achieve some major goals we had for ourselves and our business.

Farm Plan has had a really positive impact on our business.


Rex and Roslynne Kane.

Central Southland dairy farmers who have progressed from shearing, then through the sharemilking industry to land ownership. The Kanes won the 2004 Southland Sharemilker of the Year award, and were placed 3rd in the National Competition.

We had been Lower Order Sharemilkers for 3 years. We had a goal to go 50/50 sharemilking but we felt frustrated at our lack of progress.  At the start of our 4th year we started working with Farm Plan to help us achieve our vision. Together we worked out a plan and had the discipline and confidence to follow it. We are now into our first 50/50 job and really excited about our future. 

Jeremy and Valerie Bryne

50/50 sharemilkers, Southland

We contracted Farm Plan to help us set up an equity company to purchase and convert a large scale dairy farm. Peter Flannery helped and managed us through the whole process.  From finding equity partners, setting our business plan, education around good governance structures, setting up budgets and cashflows to organising finance - the complete package.

We have really appreciated Peter's professionalism, contacts and genuine desire to create win-win scenarios and to make things happen.  Our new company 'Mokoreta Dairies" have contracted Farm Plan to manage our farm finances and are also part of our Farm’s Management Team.

We highly recommend Farm Plan for those people who want to drive their business to the next level.

Matthew & Vanessa Richards

In 2001 Matthew and Vanessa Richards moved south from Taranaki. Their first job in Southland was a 50-50 sharemilking position milking 320 cows. The Richards have grown their business to the point of now owning two dairy farms on which they milk 870 cows. They lease 360 ha of dairy support land. They now also have an equity share of Mokoreta Dairies Ltd, a large scale dairy operation.

One of their greatest successes was winning the Southland Sharemilker of the Year award in 2003.

As clients of the National Bank, we have spent a large amount of time in discussion with Peter.  We have always valued his input originally as a Bank/Finance Manager, from the late 1990’s through to today as a Consultant/Business Coach.  We have known Margaret from around the same time (late 1990’s) and have full confidence in her business and personal skills.

Peter and Margaret began their new business, Farmplan, around the time we made some changes in our farming business, and Peter was the obvious person to take on board.  We were not disappointed and find Peter is capable in his new business role, and has developed his personal resources and thus is able to provide an informed outside view. 

We have found his input at our monthly meetings invaluable from the outset.  Peter is able to give us timely advice relevant to our situation and brings with him a wealth of experience in both finance and farming business.  We have enjoyed Peter’s professional guidance from planning/organising/goal setting, through to budgets/finance and day to day management of meetings/ staff.  

We find Peter and Margaret a professional, resourceful and very worthwhile addition to our farming team, and would not hesitate to recommend them for their service/advice in any farming business situation.  

The Hutton Family


We used Farm Plan to help us understand our business and the equity within our business and how best to use it. This has enabled us to rapidly grow our business to the stage where we have recently purchased our 1st block of land. Peter has kept us focused on where we are at and where we want to take our business to.

Stephen Sandford and Margaret Scully. 50/50 sharemilkers milking 630 cows at Browns and now have ownership of their own 56 ha support block.

In a farming enterprise like ours it is too easy to be caught up in the day to day business. Having had a long professional association with both Peter and Margaret it was a simple decision to use Farm Plan Ltd. Peter has enabled us to take time to identify and pursue our business and personal goals. His input and integrity are invaluable to us as a family owned company.

We believe that Peter and Margaret help us to make well thought out and timely decisions which is imperative in such challenging times.

Barry, Heather, Richard and Juliet Gray.

Hakataramea Station

Barry and Heather have grown their business from their first small farm in Southland in the 1970s. In conjunction with their son and daughter in-law, they now own Hakataramea Station plus a finishing block in Southland, running in excess of 32,000 SU.

"We have found Farmplan very valuable to our business. The monthly meetings have been shown to provide a platform for open and frank discussion regarding the strategic running of our business. Peter has a lot of experience dealing with sucession planning, making his advice very helpful. With our conversion from sheep to dairy, Peter has made the business side of the transition very clear cut. He is helping us set and achieve our goals. We would be happy to recommend Farmplan to anyone wishing to challenge themselves move their business forward."


The Hanning family of Grove Bush. They run a fully self contained dairy farm milking 600 cows. They converted their well run sheep farm to dairy, partly to allow the next generation to achieve part ownership of the family business.

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