Business Plan:- Values

Step 1

Values Explained:

Very simply put, our values reflect what we value. For example a perfectionist values perfection.

Personal Values provide an internal reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, desirable, constructive, etc. Values generate behaviour which is why people do what they do and in the order they choose to do them.


Your values come about through your genetic makeup, upbringing and experiences. They are forged deep within you and are moulded over time. They are almost formed subconsciously. They form the true you and you can't lie to yourself. Your values may change over time, but that will be as a result of life's experiences continuing to forge and mould you. It is almost like you don’t choose your values, your values choose you.


Why is it important to understand your values?

  • Values are a key determinant of what drives us.
  • Values help shape how we think, our attitude and our beliefs.
  • Our thinking, attitude and beliefs determine what we do and what we say.
  • What we do and say determines our results.

Hence the importance of understanding our values.

So your values drive you, rather than you driving your values. If you try to do anything that is in conflict with your values, you will become frustrated and lack motivation Therefore it is important that you have a deep understanding of your own values.