Business Planning:- The Current Reality

Step 4

The Current Reality

Having identified your vision, it is now time to talk about the current reality. Some may question why we would not discuss the current reality before vision.

Stephen Covey's work "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" covers this. Habit number 2 is "Begin With The End In Mind". We feel it is better to talk and design your vision, without the possible limitations of the current reality. Designing your vision is about throwing off the shackles and dreaming. This is at the risk of having unrealistic dreams and aspirations. But that is far better than aiming too low and under achieving.












However the current reality does need to be defined. Here we discuss your:

  •            historic financial performance,
  •            projected financial performance,
  •            equity level,
  •            debt equity ratio
  •            on farm productive levels,
  •            strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis) and
  •            what are the constraints, if any, that could hold you back?

Farm Plan will complete the financial aspects. We will source this information from your Annual Accounts. Figures are only figures, so we then try to uncover the story behind how you achieved what you have achieved. We are keen to hear your journey so far.

We also need to facilitate a SWOT analysis and discuss the constraints, if any, that could hold you back. This requires an honest self appraisal.